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If you need a lawyer to represent you in a criminal case, divorce, child custody, child support, or probate action, or other family estate matter such as a family trust or Last Will and Testament, our firm is here to support and advocate for you through these challenging emotional and legal processes. We understand that every situation is different, and offer you the counsel and expertise you need to navigate through the legal process. Contact us today for a consultation.

About Attorney Ronald Cauley

Ron Cauley - Trusts & Estate Planning Attorneys in Gardnerville, NV
Ron has enjoyed tremendous success as an advocate and counselor on Main Street in Gardnerville since 1985. Ron's practice has ranged from Municipal Courts and Justice Courts, State District Courts, the Nevada Supreme Court, Federal District Court, Federal Bankruptcy Court, various Administrative Law Courts and Tribal Court to Pro Hac Vice appearances in Superior Court in California.

Ron is licensed and qualified to practice in all the courts in the State of Nevada and has served as prosecutor, defender, Chief Judge and Drug Court Judge for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California. Ron has also served as an Arbitrator in the Court-annexed arbitration system for the First and Ninth Judicial District Courts.

We Fight For Your Rights

The mission and goals of Ron's law office have always been to consistently provide the highest quality of legal services attainable for all of his clients. He has practiced with dedication, passion and commitment to professional excellence all these years. He constantly strives to clearly identify client needs, defiantly preserve client rights and aggressively advocate client causes.

Areas of Practice:

If you've found yourself on the bad side of the law, call Attorney Ron Caley. If you, a friend or family member has been accused of a crime, or have been arrested, our law firm can help you through this trying time.
  • Planning for the end of life can be a difficult experience that leaves you and family members emotional drained. However at The Law Office of Ron Cauley, we help you adequately layout plans to help make things easier for loved ones left behind. We assist with powers-of-attorney, wills, trusts and estates.
  • Family Law Cases are sometimes difficult to handle since there is a large emotional element in many of the situations. Attorney Ron Cauley helps you with guardianship, divorce, child custody and much more.
Let us help you through the difficult times and the obstacles associated with being charged with a crime, a probate estate matter or help you to avoid pitfalls by preparing and executing appropriate personal trusts or last wills and testaments and associated documents.

The Law Office of Ron Cauley Location

Law Office of Ron Cauley - Trusts & Estate Planning Attorneys in Gardnerville, NV
The Law Office of Ron Cauley is located in the very first Catholic Church in Gardenville, NV. It was built in 1919, and was used for catholic religious services until 1984. After that, it was purchased and renovated by Ronald Cauley and Michael Gibbons.
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